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EverQuest II delays expansion launch overnight [Updated]


While today was supposed to be an exciting day for EverQuest II -- the launching of both its latest expansion Age of Discovery and game-wide free-to-play -- it has turned into a technical nightmare for the SOE crew. The game and website were pulled offline for maintenance in preparation for the launch, but what was supposed to be merely extended downtime grew longer and longer until EQII players had been waiting most of the day just to log in.

Then, late tonight, EQII's Brasse posted the following on Facebook, informing the community that the expansion and F2P launch would have to wait until December 7th at the earliest:
Ladies and Gentlemen, Friends and Trolls...

We have just evaluated the status of the current update and have come to the conclusion that we can either unlock servers and risk broken content, or ensure that we provide the best experience possible and delay the update to tomorrow morning. We have to do it RIGHT. For all of you and for all of us.

So please, bear with us, relax overnight, and let us sortie into the new day together. Community will be in office at 7:00am PST and will immediately review status and give you all an update. We are aiming for morning and working as hard as we possibly can.
[Update] A little later, she posted this:
A final update this evening... Smed would like us to share that with the Platform Team working all night to complete the maintenance, we expect to be up at 10:00am PST.
[Update 2] SOE's CTO posted another bit of info on the downtime.

[Update 3] And it appears that EverQuest II's servers are back online!

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