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Future Texas Apple Store to feature a glass roof


Apple likes glass. Its iPhone 4/4S is encased in glass, its proposed office building will be largely faced with glass and its retail stores are increasingly constructed with glass. The latest example is the future Highland Village Retail Store in Houston, Texas. Texas resident Tracy Evans scoped out the soon-to-be-completed Highland Village store, and discovered it may be a smaller version of Apple's Upper West Side (UWS) store in New York City.

Similar to the UWS store, the Texas store will have an all-glass front, a curved glass roof and limestone walls. The store will even have an all-glass back because it doesn't have a basement or a rear stock room. All warehouse stock will be stored in an adjacent location which means the store's entire floor space will be used for retail.

This trend isn't unique to the Texas and New York locations. Apple is renovating two stores in California with the glass-centric design. Building documents submitted to city planning officials suggest the Palo Alto store in Northern California and the Third Street Promenade store in Southern California are also getting a glassy makeover.

[Via ifoapplestore]

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