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Twisted Christmas event returns to Killing Floor, free Steam weekend starts Dec. 7


It's the Christmas season, which means it's time for everyone's favorite tradition: Killing nasty mutant freaks. Of course we're referring to Killing Floor and its "Twisted Christmas" update, which is lining up for its second year, officially making it a holiday tradition. The event brings back the holiday-themed baddies – including the Gingerbread abomination above – and introduces a new map, the Ice Cave. Players will also receive the Winter Weapon Pack and a new batch of steampunk character skins. Naughty or nice, boys and girls everywhere can check out the Twisted Christmas event in Killing Floor from December 7 through January 4.

The update is free to all Killing Floor owners and, if you'd like to sample the festivities, the game will also have a free weekend starting December 7.

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