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War of the Immortals shows off the Champion

Eliot Lefebvre

Welcome back on this glorious Tuesday evening for the latest round of War of the Immortals class previews. The legendary Champion is now approaching for its spotlight, showing off its insurmountable defense and array of holy-themed powers. One would be hard-pressed to find a tank more suited to the job than this class, the Champion, bearer of enormous armor and its exclusive class mount besides.

As one might expect from the visuals, the Champion is clearly well-oriented to a defensive role, but the trailer also shows off the fact that the class is hardly a slouch in the offensive department, wielding a sword that would be a two-hander in most other games and a shield large enough to be used as a makeshift raft. The trailer just past the cut should make it clear that the class tanks with the same style as every other class in War of the Immortals.

[Source: Perfect World Entertainment press release]

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