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Final Fantasy XIV previews in-game achievement system

Eliot Lefebvre

Final Fantasy XIV has had a method for tracking achievements since launch via the Lodestone site, but they were treated largely as milestones for characters and provided no tangible rewards. The upcoming patch 1.20, however, is bringing the system into the game proper, complete with a full set of benefits for players. And the system comes with more than a few rewards for players to pick up along the way, as you might expect.

Each achievement category starts out locked, but once players speak with a specified NPC, the category will be unlocked for viewing. Both titles and special items can be unlocked, and the system will also reward achievement points to help give you an idea how much you've accomplished through the game. Bringing the system off the site and into the game might produce a few hiccups, but it looks as if the implementation will give Final Fantasy XIV players some interesting goals to chase.

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