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LiveCode launches Game Academy, learn to make a game in seven weeks


Starting today, if you want to be a mobile developer, you have a prime opportunity to make it happen. RunRev, makers of LiveCode, is offering Game Academy, an online course in game development. Here's how it works: Over the course of seven weeks (there's a break in the middle for Christmas), you will learn how to use LiveCode to develop a basic mobile game. Nothing fancy, just a little fun thing to help you learn your way around LiveCode. You'll get webinars, reading material, sample code, and even a free trial of the LiveCode software.

A couple of bonus things to know here: First, you can start with ANY level of development experience. I met with RunRev's CEO Kevin Miller at MacTech this year, and he assured me himself that even though I've never launched XCode, I will be capable of going from zero to finished game by the end of the course.

Also, it's free! You can cancel at any point, but when you get to the end you can buy LiveCode for $99. Here's another bonus: Once you create your game or app, you can actually compile it for iOS or Android. Or both! Remember you will have to go through whatever the requirements are for distribution for your app in the respective stores.

Kevin himself gave a live demo at MacTech, where he went from zero to app in three minutes flat. If you're still curious how your app might turn out, you can always check out the list of apps built with LiveCode..

I'm excited about it, and already signed up. Will you be there?

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