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New EVE Online Chronicle provides a meeting of the minds over ships

Eliot Lefebvre

If you're only a casual follower of EVE Online news, you could be forgiven for thinking that the game's setting is sparse at best, since most of the news about the game doesn't really touch upon it. But there is a sprawling weight of lore behind the game, with no shortage of reasons for the massive inter-player conflicts that define the game's environment. The newest installment of the EVE Chronicles is a look behind the scenes at the way the game's universe operates, with or without players.

On the face of it, the piece is simply a bit of fiction about two individuals meeting to discuss a business deal. But it also shows off the labyrinthine politics, rules, and subterfuge involved in the game. Even if you're not familiar with the setting, the tale stands on its own as a piece of science fiction -- and if you are familiar, you may well find something of interest in the simple exchange of words over battleships.

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