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New Last of Us art pieces hint at a world-ending disease


You might have already guessed that Sony's PS3 exclusive The Last of Us was probably about an apocalyptic virus of some kind, just by watching that video released last weekend. And these two new shots that have appeared on the official site don't do much to prove you wrong: One shot shows a forest, with the view pointed up into the sun, and the second, above, pictures a ruined newspaper stand talking about the President addressing a broken nation as "millions more are feared dead or infected," and quarantines breaking in New Mexico while martial law is declared in England.

In short, the world is packed nicely into a handbasket, with some sort of infectious disease filling out the customs-required shipping forms to a final destination of Hell. We've seen the world end lots of times before, but maybe The Last of Us has an artsy new spin on it. We'll likely find out more this weekend at Saturday's Spike Video Game awards, or as the site says, on 12/10/11. Get those surgical masks ready, people.

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