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Perpetuum devs hand out PvP awards, tournament viewable in video archives

Jef Reahard

Last week we told you about Perpetuum's impending one-year anniversary and the robot-powered shenanigans that the devs at Avatar Creations were cooking up for the celebration that took place over the weekend.

Well, the results are in, and Perpetuum's first official PvP tournament (and a PvE scavenger hunt) went swimmingly according to the latest dev blog. Avatar even handed out a few tongue-in-cheek rewards including the Dale Earnhardt, Jr. prize (for the most laps around the combat arena) and the Baby's First PvP award which was given to the best newb group brave enough to enter the event.

If you missed the event, or if you're just interested in a free look at Perpetuum, you can watch the archived video stream at the game's official website.

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