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Aperture updated to 3.2.2, addresses Photo Stream issue


Apple has released a software update for its professional photography program, Aperture. According to Apple, Aperture 3.2.2 "resolves an issue that could prevent auto-imported Photo Stream images from being displayed in the library after your Photo Stream hits 1,000 images."

If you have missing items in your Photo Stream, here are Apple's recommended steps for recovering them: To recover missing images:

  1. Update to Aperture 3.2.2.
  2. After the update is complete, open Aperture and hold down the Command and Option keys until the Library First-Aid window appears.
  3. Choose the Repair Database option and click the Repair button.
  4. When Aperture reopens after the repair has completed, the missing images will be visible again.

Aperture 3.2.2 is 551 MB in size -- an oddly outsized update for such a seemingly minor fix. It's available through Software Update, via the Mac App Store if you purchased Aperture there, or as a standalone download from Apple's support site (not yet live as of this writing).

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