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Jaw-dropping tauren cosplay is larger than life

Anne Stickney

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Just how tall would a tauren be, if one suddenly appeared in real life? Monstrously huge, apparently! While we've had submissions from plenty of female cosplayers over the past couple of months, we haven't seen anything from the male side of the spectrum, and I was delighted to open my inbox and see the above photo of tauren warrior Mokkun, fully realized and come to life. This gigantic costume is didn't make an appearance at BlizzCon this year -- instead, it made its first showing at WindyCon, a science fiction convention in Illinois.

The best part about all of this? It was a family project, of sorts. Mokkun's mother and father both play WoW and got him into the game, and his mother created the costume. Meant to be a stage piece rather than an up-close, detailed production, the costume still manages to impress. But don't take my word for it -- follow after the break for a few words from Malkinius, Mokkun's father!


I think this qualifies at this point for a World of WarCrafts article!

I sent some pre-production work-in progress information on this costume more than a year ago. The costume has finally been finished at least enough to enter a masquerade at the WindyCon 2011 science fiction convention. My wife Mary is the creator of this, not me. I am just the one who addicted my son, Mokkun to
WoW and my wife has had to learn a lot about it from the massive amount of time we have spent on there. But, I am the one passing this on so others can see it. A couple of the official pictures are included and more can be found at

This is Mokkun, a Tauren tank on Drakka (US-H) and a member of the guild Impatient Undertakers. The armor is what he was using about the time the costume was first being created. Yes, it has been that long in creation! It is meant as a stage costume so it does look better at a distance but when he was walking down the hallway to the masquerade there really were stereotypical eye-popping, mouth gaping expressions on people. I wish I had some pictures of those! I am trying to get pictures of the walk down the hallway and we were stopped many time for photos.

The costume will appear again after some repairs are made. The attachment for one of the hooves broke just outside of the masquerade hall. They were going to abort the entry but were told by the head of the masquerade and the convention that he would enter even if they had to carry him on stage. Yes, he did win grand prize for the masquerade even without his hooves on. It deserved it!

The hands can open and close as does the jaw. It had to be modified a bit from the original armor but the style of it was kept and he was made small enough to go through normal doors. He barely goes through them but he can sideways walk through them.

Thanks muchly and enjoy!

Malkinius of Blade's Edge (US-A) / Malinjurius of Draka (US-H)

Thanks for the email, Malkinius -- I hope the damage can be repaired, and I hope we'll perhaps see you wandering the halls of BlizzCon next year!

If you are a cosplayer or crafter and you'd like to be featured on the site, send us an email and we'll make it happen!

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