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Test Drive Unlimited 2's DLC 2 planned for February, adds bikes and new content


As predicted way back before the game's release, Test Drive Unlimited 2 is indeed getting some bikes to play around with. In a post on the game's official forums, a community manager for Atari says the game's second DLC pack is scheduled for February 2012. It will bring three bikes, including a Harley and two Ducatis, as well as six new cars, new missions and locations to explore.

You'll also receive new clothes and furniture to buy, and notice some minor enhancements to the game, like the ability to change car positions in the garage or control headlights. Finally, Test Drive 2 will offer support for some more driving wheel accessories.

The first DLC for the game ended up arriving at no cost thanks to a buggy launch, but it's been a while -- about nine months -- since TDU2 has seen new content. Eden Games has, after all, been dealing with other issues.

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