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Virgin Gaming hosting million-dollar EA Sports online tournament

If you're convinced that you're the best at virtual kicking, throwing, catching and running, Virgin Gaming and EA have teamed up to make your skillset into a profitable exercise. Well, potentially profitable -- the two are hosting an EA Sports online tournament for the PS3 versions of three titles: Players can compete for a $400k cash prize in both Madden NFL 12 and FIFA 12, and a $200k prize in NHL 12. Why half as much for the latter of the three? Simple: Hockey is way easier. (Please don't beat us up, hockey-people.)

Before you start chasing the dream of free money, you'll want to read the fine print -- to become one of 1,000 finalists (who must pay their own way to the finals in New York City), players must drop a $10 entry fee, then win six games in a row. If they break their six-game streak, they'll have to start all over, shelling out another $10 to enter again.

Of course, folks who are uncertain in their abilities can drop a cool $400, and automatically become one of the finalists. We suppose that's the ultimate sport: Having lots of money to begin with. Interested parties can read the full rules and enlist on the Virgin Gaming site -- just keep an eye out for, you know, fees.

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