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AMD updates A-Series APUs, gives laptop Llanos modest spec bumps


AMD released its A-Series APUs almost six months ago, and since then it's seen Intel update the A-Series' Sandy Bridge counterparts. So, it's about time for the Llano laptop lineup to do the same, and the refresh has come in the form of seven spiffy new APUs. At the high end, there's the quad-core A8-3550MX clocked at 2.0 GHz with Radeon HD 6620G graphics to supplant the older A8-3530MX chip. On the low end, the 1.9GHz dual core A4-3305M with Radeon HD 6480G graphics joins AMD's A4-3300M. It's a minor update all around, with most models seeing a 100MHz boost in turbo frequency over existing A-Series APUs. If you're itching to dig a little deeper into all the fresh Fusion silicon, you'll find what you're looking for at the links below.

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