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Joe Danger won't survive The Movie


Anyone will tell you that being a stuntman makes for a dangerous career. Most stuntmen, however, make it through more than three projects. With Joe Danger: Special Edition only days away, Hello Games has revealed that next year's Joe Danger: The Movie will be the last Joe Danger title.

"We're only doing The Movie because we had a good idea for it," Hello's Sean Murray recently told the IGN UK Podcast. He noted that the company wanted to "explore" Joe Danger "in every possible way," but after The Movie, Hello is "done with that idea."

Said idea certainly seems big. Earlier this year, Murray stated that the game is "huge" and that "the entire gameplay experience of Joe Danger on PSN would be just one short scene" in the upcoming sequel. Joe Danger: The Movie is slated to be released next year on "consoles everywhere," likely through PSN and XBLA.

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