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Japanese hardware sales, November 28 - December 4: Feel-good edition

Jordan Mallory

All right, let's just try and forget that any of this ever happened and focus on something positive, rather than dwelling on the dark, grim spectral vissage that loomed over our tiny defenseless planet last night. So! Press play on the song above, and remember that:
See? The world isn't such a bad place, you guys. Sure it has its problems, but so long as we remember to take stock of everything we have to be thankful for, we'll have the will to push through the darkness. Let's look at some hardware sales figures.

3DS: 205,962 [UP] 85,042 (70.33%)
PS3: 40,668 [UP] 6,637 (19.50%)
PSP: 39,547 [UP] 6,396 (19.29%)
Wii: 31,071 [UP] 10,923 (54.21%)
DSi LL: 2,899 [UP] 2,475 (583.73%)
Xbox 360: 1,660 [DOWN] 18 (1.07%)
DSi: 1,516 [UP] 523 (52.67%)
PS2: 1,500 [UP] 206 (15.92%)
DS Lite: 21 [DOWN] 14 (40.00%)

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