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If Siri were paired with a GPS app


We all love Siri. Whether it's the fascinating and sometimes unintentionally humorous comments that it makes, or the fact that it's surprisingly useful in a variety of situations, Siri has captured the imagination of many iPhone users. In a guest post for our sister site Engadget, NPD Group executive director and principal analyst Ross Rubin mused about how great it would be if Siri was paired with GPS navigation capabilities.

Rubin's got a point -- right now Apple's intelligent assistant can give you directions, but won't verbalize the turn-by-turn instructions. And navigation apps (and standard GPS navigation units) are, in Rubin's words, "about as passive an experience as watching TV."

Rubin imagines a mix of Siri's conversational interface with GPS navigation. As an example, he wonders if you could ask Siri "How's the Grand Central Parkway looking?", and have the app report back on how good or bad traffic currently is on that highway and suggest whether you should switch to another route.

It would be even more useful to have Siri and GPS navigation capabilities to accept off-route, unplanned side trips. Rubin uses the example of heading to a party and getting a call from the host asking you to pick up a cake. You'd ask Siri to find a bakery along the way and add that side trip to the route to the party. As he notes, currently you'd need to pull over, search for the bakery, and then add that destination to your trip.

The post by Rubin ends with the words "GPS technology has always shined when we are on an unfamiliar path. Pairing it with an intelligent network agent, though, could imbue even a familiar journey with an unfamiliar level of convenience." What do you think? Is Siri-powered navigation coming to future iPhones? Leave your comments below.

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