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More EXOdesk details spill: at least two models in the works, ViewSonic wants in


Sadly, we'll still have to wait for CES to leave fingerprints allover the EXOdesk, but at least we've got a few more details to hold us over till then. For one, we now know that ExoPC has two models in the works -- one that's simply an external display and another that integrates a complete Core i7 computer running Windows 7. Apps specifically designed for the EXOdesk, coded in HTML5, will be available from the EXOstore. The company has already announced a number of planned programs, including a news reader, virtual keyboards, board games and musical instruments. It also looks like ViewSonic will be demoing its own 32-inch flavor of EXOdesk at CES, though whether or not the company actually plans to sell such a device remains a mystery. Check out the source link for a few more images.

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