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Creep out other commuters: Kinectimals adds iOS to its mobile roster


With the recent launch of "My Xbox Live" on Apple's iOS platform, not to mention Halo Waypoint, Microsoft seems to have officially embraced the ubiquity of its competition's devices. And with today's release of Kinectimals for iOS (a port of the already released Windows Phone 7 version), that relationship is further solidified, but in a softer, furrier way.

Kinectimals for iOS puts you back on the adorably named island of "Lemuria," on which you raise virtual feline cubs. According to the game's iTunes description, it works on both iPad and iPhone/iPod Touch devices, and costs $2.99. Purchasing the game will also net you "five brand new cubs" for the Xbox 360 game (presumably of the feline variety), if you're in the market for some brand new animal cubs.

And for those asking, no, we're not exactly clear on how you get the "Cub Handler" certificate pictured above. We have some guesses, but they're all way lurid.

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