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Daily Mac App: Mi-Fi Monitor


I don't travel a lot, but I do have a MiFi which I use during the frequent power outages that seem to plague the area where I live. To help monitor my connection and the battery life of my MiFi, I use a Mac utility called Mi-Fi Monitor. It resides in the menu bar and displays both a battery level and a signal strength indicator pulled from your MiFi hotspot. All it takes is a quick glance to make sure your MiFi is charged and connected to your mobile broadband connection.

You can click on the Mi-Fi Monitor app if you need more information about your connection. The app will tell you the amount of data you've used in this current session, the network to which you're connected and the connection type. As you can see from my screenshot above, I have a stable, but slow Verizon Wireless connection where I live.

The app works with the Novatel MiFi hotspots including the MiFi 2200 which is what I use, the LTE 4510, and the WiMAX 2082. It'll also work with the MiFi 2352/2372 for AT&T. If your device isn't listed or you're not sure it will work, you can contact the developer and he will help you run a 30 second test that'll check to see if your MiFi is compatible this software.

Mi-Fi Monitor is available for US$0.99 from the Mac App Store. If you own a supported device, it's well worth the buck to be able to monitor your MiFi from your Mac.

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