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Humble Indie Bundle 4 revealed, nab Meat Boy, Shank, Jamestown and more

As if you didn't already have enough fantastic games to play from this past year, the Humble Indie Bundle crew have made it their mission to completely overwhelm you with excellence. The fourth and latest package from the altruistic organization features an unparalleled lineup which includes Super Meat Boy, BIT.TRIP.RUNNER, Jamestown, Nightsky and Shank -- are and if you beat the average price with your choose-your-own-donation-level, you'll also grab Gratuitous Space Battles and Cave Story+. Note that all of these are PC, Mac and Linux compatible; a new feature for Jamestown and Shank.

As always, you can choose which portion of your donations go to the developers, to the charities (Child's Play and the Red Cross!) and to the Humble Indie Bundle platform itself. We think we speak for everyone when we say that this is an insane value that you'd be insane to pass up, you insane person.

[Update: Tim Ambrogi from Philly-based Jamestown-dev Final Form Games told us, "It's been our goal since launch to reach as many gamers as possible, so a Mac and Linux port were always our plan if we could afford the resources to develop them. Humble Bundle presented us with a cost/benefit proposition that made creating them now a low-risk decision." That's your money hard at work, people!]

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