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Massively's Star Wars: The Old Republic launch guide

Alex Ziebart

On Tuesday afternoons, we typically link all of you to our sister site Massively's top stories of the week from all across the MMORPG genre via MMO Roundup. This week will be different. Outside of World of Warcraft, there's only one other MMO anybody wants to hear about this week. Star Wars: The Old Republic's prerelease head start begins today, and Massively has absolutely everything you need to go into the opening days of the game well prepared.

If you'll be playing The Old Republic, head over to Massively's TOR launch guide for class information, dungeon flashpoint walk-throughs, and anything else you might want.

If you're strictly a World of Warcraft player, you may want to take a look anyway. WoW can always learn from other games, and as a player, it never hurts to stay informed.

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