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Telltale's 'Law & Order: Legacies' coming to iPhone this month, Mac/PC next year


It's already no problem to watch Law & Order 24 hours a day -- you basically just have to turn your TV on -- and now you'll be able to play Law & Order simultaneously. Doink-doink!

Adventure game specialists Telltale Games will release the first case in its new "Law & Order: Legacies" episodic series this month on iPad and iPhone, with PC and Mac versions coming early next year (and more episodes on the way for all of them). The games will feature likenesses of investigators and attorneys from throughout the 800,000 seasons of Law & Order and its spinoffs, including Lennie Briscoe, Rey Curtis, Olivia Benson, and eyebrows guy.

Gameplay involves both investigation of cases and prosecution. "As in every episode of the Law & Order series, choice and morality are key factors and every decision made throughout Law & Order: Legacies will affect the outcome and can lead to multiple endings for each case." In other words, you can totally lose. Doink-doink!

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