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VidRhythm going free, updated


Harmonix is, of course, the company behind the great Guitar Hero and Rock Band franchises for consoles, but its latest project is an iOS app, VidRhythm, that will let you create quick and funny music videos just by recording quick clips of you and your friends recording various musical parts. I enjoyed the app a lot when it first came out, and have since used it a few times to make videos with friends while hanging out or waiting around in a line. In fact, the app has even landed on Apple's best of 2011 list.

And now it's been updated -- Harmonix has dropped the app down to the low price of free, and added in twelve new "songs" designed just for the holidays. There's also a new pitch correction feature (for when you don't quite sing the right note), and a new mode that will send out high quality 720p video from an iPhone 4 or 4S. Very slick.

VidRhythm is a great app that's a ton of fun whenever you're hanging around with a group of people. Definitely pick it up right now for the many holiday parties you'll be going to, and be sure to post those videos online when you make them!

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