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Atlus teases new SRPG on Twitter, could be 'Gungnir'


There's teasing and then there's just plain teasing. Atlus is engaging in what must certainly be the much more annoying second kind by outright daring its Twitter followers to guess the company's next release, and giving them only three tidbits of information to go on. It's a strategy RPG title (good), it starts with "G," and ends with "R."

Intrepid Atlus followers have two main guesses: First, a new Growlanser game, part of the tactical RPG series which Atlus has published in Japan in the past. Or (and this seems somewhat more likely) a game called Gungnir (subtitled Inferno of the Demon Lance and the War of Heroes), which Atlus published earlier this year in Japan. Most of the titles in the Dept. Heaven series have already been published in the US in some form, so it makes sense that Atlus would be publishing this one as well.

Did we guess right, Atlus? Enough with the teasing!

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