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Dear Aunt TUAW: Help me read data from my nano


Dear Aunt TUAW,

Greetings from overseas from the long-lost branch of Dutch family members and thanks for al. your helpful posts. My question is the following. I have an iPod nano (sixth generation) which I use quite often as a flash drive. The problem is that I can not use it on a Windows PC since I have set it up initially with my Mac. Is there any way to make this work since quite a lot of people around me (still) use Windows PCs?

Your loving nephew,


Dear Ivo,

The Windows-OS X file system divide is one of long standing. Unfortunately, the last time Auntie dealt with this problem herself was a badjillion years ago, back when MacOpener was still relevant. So take that in mind as she dishes out advice from the age of the dinosaurs.

Your nano is normally formatted using Apple's HFS+ file system. A utility like MediaFour's MacDrive or Paragon's HFS for Windows may solve the problem for you. According to their marketing text, they allow you to mount, read, and write OS X formats from Windows.

Each costs US$20 but both utilities offer a free trial, so you can make sure your nano is readable on your Win PC before putting down your money.


Auntie T.

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