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'PlayStation Game Music' service streams PS3 music from phones in Japan


This is so cool. Well, maybe "cool" isn't the right way to describe a service that lets you stream Final Fantasy music from anywhere, but we like the idea. In Japan, Sony just started a "PlayStation Game Music" service that allows subscribers to several mobile services to play music from first- and third-party PlayStation games.

The official (again, Japan-only) launch is accompanied by music from Final Fantasy XIII-2, and the Monster Hunter, Dynasty Warriors, and Yakuza series. It would be dangerous for us to walk around Tokyo to the music from Yakuza -- we'd be liable to start throwing bicycle wheels at anyone we saw in a suit. And it's always dangerous for us to hear the FFXIII-2 Chocobo theme.

Along with those, the service will also stream PS3 system sound effects. That "cool" label is looking really hasty now.

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