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Sesame Street and Skylanders cheaper on Amazon today


Bloggy Monster back once again. This time, Bloggy Monster tell you 'bout kiddy games on Amazon. Today only, you can pick up kiddy game cheap, like my friend Cookie Monster's Once Upon a Monster for Microsoft hand-wavy box. Only thirty dollars! It sound like big number, but it not so big. Cookie Monster no been returning Bloggy Monster's calls lately, but Bloggy Monster digress.

Skylanders starter pack also sixty dollars, ten dollars less than usual. If you no heard of Skylanders before, it action adventure game that scan toys to add new characters. Bloggy Monster think it kind of insidious but, again, Bloggy Monster digress. Plenty other kiddy game on sale. You check Amazon for more.

Oh, and don't make same mistake Bloggy Monster make. It's Cooking Mama, not Cookie Mama. Why no one make that game?

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