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Star Command warps to 2012, shows off 'interface update'


Ambitious mobile sci-fi RPG Star Command won't be making its wishful 2011 launch. Following a successful Kickstarter, the team tells Joystiq that the game is expected next year, wrapping up its alpha phase at the end of the month.

"Kickstarter has been great. The rewards were a little more expensive to fulfill that we thought -- a lot of international shipping -- but more than anything, the attention it got us has been awesome," said Jordan Coombs, designer and art director at developer Warballoon. "We have our musicians, and it has given us the time we needed to get the tipping point we are at right now."

Coombs also showed us the new interface update, "We have the crew details menu, where you can manage each crew member and choose their skill trees. We have NAV, where you can set coordinates and explore the universe. We also have Research, where you can set your path of discovery. Finally we have Room Details, which show how you produce tokens (the "money" in the game), assign crew members and upgrade rooms."

Check it out in the gallery below.

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