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WoW Insider's 12 Days of Winter Veil celebrations begin tomorrow

Alex Ziebart

The Winter Veil holiday begins tomorrow morning within the World of Warcraft, but it's also kicking off right here on WoW Insider. If you're a long-time reader, you may be familiar with how we celebrate the 12 Days of Winter Veil. If you're not, allow me to explain: We give away a lot of stuff. Like, a lot of stuff. Not only do we clear out the neat things that have accumulated in our storage closet over the course of the last year, but our friends at various WoW product vendors participate, too.

In addition to what's been sitting in my office closet (hint: BlizzCon exclusives), this year you'll be seeing prizes from ...

Here's the kicker: We actually ended up with too much swag this year -- far too much to squeeze into just 12 days. Our 12 Days of Winter Veil will actually last about 17 days, running from Dec. 15 through Dec. 31. It will still be called 12 Days of Winter Veil, however, because ... well, it sounds good. That's what really matters in life.

We'll run two giveaways per day each day until the end of the year. Each contest will be open for seven days, and then we'll select our winners. As an advance warning, giveaways of physical items such as hardware will be restricted to the United States and Canada (minus Quebec), as they usually are. Digital items such as pets, mounts, and other TCG loot codes will be open to all regions, however.

Generally speaking, we will be aiming to give away our digital items in the morning and our physical items later in the day. There will be exceptions to that rule, but it's our general plan. Europeans, that means 3 p.m. GMT (or 15:00 GMT, I suppose?) would be a great time of day for you to check in for the latest loot code giveaway.

Edit: For those of you unfamiliar with how WoW Insider runs contests, you enter each giveaway individually by leaving a comment on the post announcing the item. For example, to enter to win a Landro's Lil' XT, you would leave a comment on that post.

Happy holidays, everyone!

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