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Flyff releases New Beginnings to the German and French servers

Eliot Lefebvre

MMOs are a worldwide phenomenon. Sometimes that can be hard to see from the perspective of the many American gamers knee-deep in the hobby, but there are games and releases taking place all over the world. Case in point: The European version of Flyff has seen a big new release with the addition of the New Beginnings expansion, with both the German and French servers receiving the new content. The patch adds three new mid-level dungeons as well as over 100 new quests to help players new and old enjoy Flyff in depth.

To help promote the patch, the community team is launching a Lights, Camera, Action! promotion. A group of eight players can register and then upload a video to, with in-game rewards coming as the video accumulates more likes and shares. The total value of all potential rewards goes up to 1,000 Euros, which should help encourage the French and German players of the game to get in on the action. There's also a trailer for the patch just after the break, although if you're not familiar with French, the language barrier might be an issue.

[Source: gPotato press release]

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