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Grand Theft Auto III now available on Android and iOS, ready to turn back the clock for $5 (video)


We don't know where you were ten years ago, but if you game at all it's safe to say that since then you've spent some time with the Grand Theft Auto series. As it announced last week, Rockstar is celebrating its jump into open world 3D gaming by releasing Grand Theft Auto III for mobile devices on the Android Market (the number of compatible devices appears to have expanded since last week -- the Galaxy S II works, and Galaxy Nexus support is "coming soon") and iTunes. A trip back to 2001 will only cost you $5, and while the gameplay and controls are now touch panel optimized (check Joystiq's preview experience here), it also supports "select" USB gamepads on Android. Hit the source links below to start the 400mb~ download right now.

Update: Check after the break for the iPad trailer.

[Thanks, Camran]

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