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Telestream announces Instant Replay system for NASCAR officials, gets the checkered HD flag


You may not love NASCAR or understand the sheer thrill of watching cars drive in circles for several hundred laps, but you've got to respect the technology. Today, Telesteam announced its Instant Replay system for NASCAR race officials. The multichannel video player, which will debut at the start of the 2012 race season, provides instant capture and display of up to 18 high-definition 720p camera feeds and will allow officials to quickly view detailed information about on-track aspects of the race. The system uses Telestream's Pipeline HD video capture system to simultaneously acquire multiple camera feeds in Apple ProRes 720p as well as other HD and SD formats before delivering them to shared storage. Once captured, the video streams can be viewed from different camera angles with quick locations being customized for each race. Telestream will be demoing the instant Replay system at the Sports Video Group's League Technology Summit in New York City this week, and to celebrate, the governor has mandated that all vehicles make only left turns through Sunday. Kidding.

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