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WoW Moviewatch: The Secret of the Crystal Eyes


The Secret of the Crystal Eyes is the kind of machinima we regrettably don't see a lot nowadays. Essentially, it's a cinema-format movie. It runs about 22 minutes long and features characterization, plot, and world development.

While the particulars of the movie may or may not appeal to you, I encourage everyone to take the time check out this story-based movie. A frequent complaint among machinima viewers is that there aren't more films like this. The only way to encourage their creation is to visit, comment, and celebrate each release.

The Secret of the Crystal Eyes features some pretty good animation, fantastic voice acting, and a well-developed plot. Adventure stories tend to appeal based on personal taste, but there's plenty going on in The Secret to satisfy any WoW fan. The technical aspect of the machinima are astounding; take the time to check it out.

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