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Grace Eco Pod case: Take your iPhone / iPod touch for a swim


Want a case for your iPhone or iPod touch that is not only waterproof, but floats when dropped in water? Would shock resistance be an extra added bonus for you? The Grace Digital Audio Eco Pod (US$49.99) case definitely fits the bill if you need all of this protection and the ability to clamp it on a bike as well.

While it's not the most svelte iPhone case at 1.75" thick x 4" wide x 6.75" tall, the Eco Pod is probably the case you'd want your device wrapped in at the beach, while camping, or on a long bike ride in challenging weather conditions. In case you're wondering why it's so big, it's probably because the Eco Pod is designed with a bit more room inside so you can also stuff your credit card, driver's license, and some cash in there along with your iPhone or iPod touch.

The Eco Pod comes with a pair of waterproof earbuds should you wish to listen to music in the shower or while snorkeling, and is made of a tough polycarbonate to protect your device from drops or falls. The case is bright orange, useful if you happen to drop it while at the beach, skiing, or it floats off along with your trunks while snorkeling.

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Other features of this case include IPX7 approval (that's the international waterproofing standard), a clear view front panel so you can see if your stuff if still in the case, a exterior pressure release valve that insures that the case closes air tight but can still be opened at both low and high altitudes, and a very cool carabiner clip to attach the Eco Pod to your backpack, tent, or ski parka.

There's also a built-in belt loop, and if you're a biker, you can purchase an optional bike clamp for $9.99 and stick the EcoPod on your handlebars for your listening pleasure.

TUAW readers should note that you cannot use the iPhone or iPod touch without actually opening up the Eco Pod and manually fiddling with your device. If you need something that's waterproof, but still allows you to use the device while it's in a case, consider the LifeProof cases -- they're much more expensive, but work flawlessly in a lot of nasty conditions while providing touch access to the screen.

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