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HP releases X4000 and X5000 mice that don't mind which hand you use (video)


Christmas at the House of Meg means there's two new wireless mice coming to fill the stockings of those who don't eat chocolate. Both units are clad in shimmering plastic and (not-so-shimmering) soft touch rubber, accommodating righties and lefties with equal ease. The 2.4GHz devices will give you 30-foot of roaming distance and a purported battery life of 30 months (on the X4000). The higher-end X5000 [pictured] has a touch scroll strip and four customizable buttons -- including a one-click Facebook button to match the social butterfly X7000. We've got a teaser video below that's either hyping these mice or the next James Bond movie (we're not sure) and you can snap 'em up from our source links, costing $29.99 (X4000) and $39.99 (X5000) respectively.

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