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Just Cause movie gets some traction with (re)writer, subtitle

Justin McElroy

When we first heard about a film adaptation of the Just Cause franchise, we relegated it to the same part of our head where we store the Leonardo DiCaprio/Nolan Bushnell biopic: A fine idea with no shot of happening. Now it seems to be getting a bit more real with a subtitle -- "Scorpion Rising" -- and a rewrite by comics' Bryan Edward Hill, the man behind Broken Trinity: Pandora's Box (a Witchblade mini-series) and Dolph Lungren picture The Mechanik.

Perhaps more interesting is The Hollywood Reporter's assertion that a third Just Cause game is also in the works, something that's already been alluded to by developer Snowblind. Could that be the secret identity of previously announced Project Mamba, an Avalanche project due in ... 2014? Oh, we can't be that far off, can we?

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