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New video highlights the political system of TERA

Eliot Lefebvre

News about TERA has been somewhat sparse of late, but the game continues along the road to a release on US shores. Until then, you can get your excitement up a bit more with the latest preview video of the game showing off the nuances of the game's political system. It might not seem like the sort of engrossing gameplay that would fit with a more action-oriented MMO, but the process of players getting into office and enacting changes looks fascinating.

As the video outlines, players can win their office through direct battle with other candidates or via popular vote, depending on which method suits each individual. Once in office, players will have a variety of powers -- taxes can be raised or lowered, important NPCs can be added or removed, town features can be edited, and a player can make a lasting impact on the game world for good or bad. Check out the video embedded just after the break, especially if you've already got your campaign pins ready to go.

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