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Team Fortress 2 update rings in second annual Australian Christmas


Valve has unwrapped the second-annual Australian Christmas update for Team Fortress 2, bringing with it the kind of cheer that can only come from a pile of heavy-duty, particle-melting weapons and a brand new map to use them in. The update includes two new Dr. Grordbort weapon packs -- The Brainiac Pack for Engineer and The Moonman Pack for Pyro -- and Foundry, a new control-point map with 12 unique achievements.

Valve is also dropping 14 community-created holiday weapons in Nice Crates, and strings of festive weapon lights in Naughty Crates, through Dec. 22. More than 50 items in the Mann Co. store are up to 75 percent off through Jan. 2, and the in-game item-drop rate will be doubled for the first week of the event.

If that doesn't put you in a joyful mood, maybe a child stabbing Santa in the neck will -- read all about it in the new TF2 comic, "A Smissmas Story."

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