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The Joystiq Show - 017: Game of the Year Talk 03


It's Game of the Year personal nominees round 3: The X3F memorial edition. That's right, this week Richard assembles the old crew to talk a smattering of smaller, personal favorites from 2011. It's not all about smaller releases, though -- Alexander and Dave also bring some love for the year's bigger titles.

Part 1 (0:56) - GotY personal picks (see full list after the break)

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Host: Richard Mitchell (@SenseiRAM)
Producer: Jonathan Downin (@jonathandownin - Game Thing Daily)
Production Coordinator: Richard Mitchell
Music: Trash80 and Broke for Free

View the full guest list and stream the show after the break.

Richard Mitchell - Contributing Editor,

GotY talk: Pinball FX 2, Bastion, Orcs Must Die, Dungeon Defenders, Iron Brigade, Ms. 'Splosion Man, Mortal Kombat, Dead Space 2, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, LA Noire, and Tropico 4
Richard Mitchell - Contributing Editor,
Alexander Sliwinski - Contributing Editor,
Dave Hinkle - Contributing Editor,

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