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5 Kalimdor getaways for vacationing roleplayers

Anne Stickney

All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players. In World of Warcraft, that player is you! Each week, Anne Stickney brings you All the World's a Stage with helpful hints, tips and tricks on the art of roleplay in WoW.

Last week we took a look at five great cities for roleplay -- but what if your character is looking for someplace away from all the hustle and bustle of a big city? After all, many characters have just spent a terribly long time fighting back Deathwing and the assorted enemies of the Twilight's Hammer. Maybe your character would just like to get away from it all and take a well-deserved vacation. The Shattering and subsequent land grabs have guaranteed that there's conflict around every corner in Kalimdor, so where's a character supposed to go to get away?

Everyone knows about Gallywix's Pleasure Palace up in Azshara. With its relaxing pool complete with golf course and bar, it's a swank little vacation spot for roleplayers -- well, for Horde roleplayers, that is. The place is tended by goblins affiliated with the Bilgewater Cartel, which doesn't quite work for Alliance players. So why don't we play travel agent and take a look at five locations that are accessible and open to either side of the faction coin in the quiet corners of Kalimdor, far away from conflict and the rigors of war.

5. Teldrassil's shaded glen

If the vivid violet and emerald boughs of Teldrassil are what you're looking for, have we got a location for you. Nestled in the now-healed home to countless kaldorei, this location comes complete with three separate encampments with furbolg flair. But this spot is a little different than your usual Teldrassil hangout -- it's actually cradled in the roots of Teldrassil, so you've got the fun of camping as well as a handy beach for swimming, too. Since it's nowhere near Darnassus or even Rut'theran Village, Horde roleplayers can camp out in this location just as readily as Alliance, without having to worry about any pesky guards.

Located at coordinates 73,53, this spot can be reached by simply flying around the base of Teldrassil, counterclockwise from Rut'theran Village. Horde players can get across the water by either flying, riding with a death knight across the top of the water, or simply hitchhiking on a boat over in Stormwind Harbor. Alliance players can get there from Rut'theran Village, and it can be accessed by either flight or swimming -- but it's a long swim if you're a low-level character. There are a few other green glades around Teldrassil's roots, but this is the only location that features an NPC-free camp.

4. Cozy Winterspring villa

If a wintry vacation is more your character's speed, how about a charming Winterspring cabin? Just off the main road in Winterspring, this location features a cozy little home just big enough for a few players to take a winter holiday. The nearby hills offer excellent opportunities for snowball fights, and if you're feeling particularly adventurous, there's a system of caverns just behind Starfall Village to the west that are ripe for exploring as well. Though this is a deserted cabin, it is very close to Starfall Village, which has a few kaldorei occupants -- Horde players may want to take a little extra care if they're choosing this travel destination.

Located at coordinates 50,37, this spot can easily be reached by foot simply by taking the road northwest out of Everlook and continuing north until you see the cabin on your left. No flying mounts are necessary to get to this location, although lower-level players may have a slightly more difficult time getting here. And if you are particularly low-level, watch out for the surrounding wildlife in the area -- you don't want to inadvertently end up as a wintersaber's snack!

3. Hidden Mulgore retreat

If the thought of a wintry vacation sends chills down your spine, how about a retreat to the green meadows of Mulgore? This quaint camping location is tucked away and hidden in the bluffs above Mulgore, far away from any guards or NPCs, so Alliance players needn't worry about raising any alarms by vacationing in the area. Perched high in the bluffs between Mulgore and The Barrens to the east, this quiet getaway is far enough away from any conflicts in either location that you can safely forget your troubles and woes. Even better, this area features a nearby cavern system as well -- it's deserted and perfect for a day of exploring.

Located at coordinates 60,16, this tiny camp is just north of the Red Rocks and high up on the bluffs. You will need a flying mount to get to this location, unless you're traveling with a companion who can fly and summon you there; it's impossible to get up to the camp on foot. The tent is plenty big enough for a small handful of roleplayers, and the spot even comes with its own campfire. No need to bring firewood, but don't forget the marshmallows! There are no creatures nearby, so even low-level players can relax and simply enjoy the scenery, provided they can get up there to begin with.

2. Green getaway in ... Silithus?

I know, I know -- Silithus is a desert and hardly what anyone would call a good vacationing spot. But this camp is hidden in the hills on the Silithus side of the border between green and shaded Feralas and the dusty desert sands. As such, you'll occasionally get drifts of sandy wind from Silithus, but it's worth it if you're looking for someplace that's truly in the middle of nowhere. This camp has no NPCs and is nowhere near any major cities, so both Alliance and Horde can feel free to take a break at this remote spot, complete with two separate tends and a campfire in case the nights get a little chilly.

Located at coordinates 43,6 on the Silithus map, this location is tucked away under the trees of Feralas, making it a pretty hard-to-find spot. If you head slightly northwest from Hive'Ashi, you'll run into the camp -- just make sure you're flying low! Did I mention flying? You'll need a flying mount to get here, just like the camp in Mulgore. Low-level players won't be able to get up here without a little help in the form of a summon -- or if they've got a camping buddy with a two-seater rocket, that'll work too!

1. Swanky Steam Pools resort

Man, who needs Gallywix's Pleasure Palace, anyway? There's an amazing resort town for both Alliance and Horde players in Feralas. Sure, it may not have a golf course, but it's got beaches galore, right on the edge of some amazing hot springs. But the hot springs aren't the only bonus here -- there are plenty of chairs for beachside lounging and a little resort town up on the hill. Behind the resort, there's an area where resort staff are hosing down mammoths, presumably cleaning off the Silithus sands. Just don't venture too far from the resort, or you'll find yourself in an oil drilling area with level 83 to 84 Oil Slimes that will make quick work out of low-level vacationers.

Located at coordinates 68,71 on the Feralas map, the resort is smack on the edge of the Steam Pools, southwest of The Writhing Deep in Feralas, high in the hills that border Silithus to the south. The only way up here is with a flying mount; there is no ground access to this exclusive resort. It may not be Gallywix's Pleasure Palace, but there is far more to do at the Steam Pools resort and far more NPCs to interact with, even if they don't have much to say. Bloodsail Admirals beware -- while the guests are all neutral to either faction, the Steam Pools resort staffers are tagged as Gadgetzan faction. While it was originally thought that this area would be a quest location for high-level players, we have yet to see any quests implemented to the game -- it's simply a resort and an ideal location for a vacationing roleplayer to take a well-deserved break.

Though Cataclysm may have torn the world asunder, these five spots certainly don't reflect it. Whether your character is craving a snow-filled wonderland or a relaxing night or two in the middle of absolutely nowhere, all of these locations are beautiful, remote places to spend some time getting over war wounds and trying not to think about the conflicts yet to come.

All the World's a Stage is your source for roleplaying ideas, innovations and ironies. Let us help you imagine what it's like to sacrifice spells for the story, totally immerse yourself in your roleplaying or even RP on a non-RP realm!

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