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Weekly Webcomic Wrapup is doing its homework

Jordan Mallory

So they're making another Pokemon game, and it's, uhm, a little different. We're all for zany crossovers, mind you, but giving Oda Nobunaga his own Jigglypuff feels weird even for us, and we're into some weird stuff. It's not that we don't think strategy games have a place in the Pokemon universe, it's just that Nobunaga was a ruthless warlord who lived a life of bloodshed and conquest.

For instance! After behaving so shamefully at his father's funeral that his mentor committed seppukku (seriously), Nobunaga and his brother Nobumitsu conspired and eventually succeeded in murdering their uncle Oda Nobutomo, after which they lived in his house for 10 years. Sounds like Pokemon to us!

(Look, we know there's only 4 comics this week, but it's the holiday season, and you guys have no idea how many webcomics forgot to be about video games.)

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