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Japanese hardware sales, December 5 - 11: Gobots edition

Jordan Mallory

The fact that Square Enix is releasing a transforming arcade game made us nostalgic for the first transforming car robots we encountered as youths. No, not the eponymous Transformers, but rather their oft-overlooked older siblings, the Gobots. Like everything cool in the 80s, the Gobots were originally Japanese, a toy line called "Machine Robo" localized for American consumers by Tonka.

Gobots debuted in American toy stores in 1983, with Hasbro's competing Transformers line arriving one year later. While time has certainly shown who won this battle of branding prowess, we'll always have a special place in our dark little hearts for our first experience with transforming Japanese robots.

3DS: 350,321 [UP] 144,359 (70.09%)
PSP: 51,191 [UP] 11,644 (29.44%)
Wii: 46,018 [UP] 14,987 (48.11%)
PS3: 44,661 [UP] 3,993 (9.82%)
DSi LL: 4,007 [UP] 1,108 (38.22%)
Xbox 360: 3,211 [UP] 1,551 (93.43%)
DSi: 2,609 [UP] 1,093 (72.10%)
PS2: 1,268 [DOWN] 232 (15.47%)
DS Lite: 14 [DOWN] 7 (33.33%)

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