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Square Enix releasing transforming arcade game 'Gyrozetter,' anime and 3DS title to follow

Jordan Mallory

Let's imagine, for a moment, that we're all 10 years old again. (If you're actually 10 years old, good work.) Can you think of anything even remotely as cool as an arcade game about cars that transform into robots, where the arcade cabinet transforms too? Damn right you can't, because it's the best idea any living human being has ever had.

The arcade game in question, Super Speed Transforming Gyrozetter, is developed by Square Enix and transforms to reveal control levers as the player's car transforms into its robot counterpart. Cars have been licensed from Toyota, Mistubishi, Mazda, Mitsuoka and Subaru, making for an entirely authentic giant transforming robot experience.

The cabinet serves as the flagship for an entire Gyrozetter gaming/manga/anime franchise devised by Square Enix; a serialized manga based on the game is already in print, and both an animated feature film and 3DS game are reportedly in the pipelines. Trademark filings uncovered by Siliconera indicate that Square Enix has plans to expand the franchise to Europe after a successful Japanese launch, although we find it improbable that the arcade game itself will ever be exported outside of Japan.

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