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Corsair's Sandy Bridge E-compatible liquid coolers get plumbed in and tested

Sharif Sakr

You'd be crazy to embark on a Sandy Bridge E upgrade without anticipating all the costs involved. Some might argue you'd be crazy, period, but that's only because they're haters. The fact is, if you can drop a grand on an i7-3960X (or $600 for a more sensible i7-3930K), then you can probably find some spare brass for a decent liquid cooler. So, which to get? The crew at HotHardware just reviewed Corsair's LGA2011-compatible H80 and H100 water systems, spiced up with a look at Intel's own RTS2011LC cooler for comparison. They concluded that both Corsairs were a cinch to install and easily surpassed Intel's offering by allowing higher stable overclocks without excessive decibels. However, they also cautioned that the hefty $90-$120 investment in a Corsair or any other high-end liquid cooler won't necessarily yield quieter performance than an air system, because you end up with fans and a water pump chugging away in your rig. See the source link for the full results and then click 'More Coverage' for's review of the H80.

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