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    Daily iPad App: Master Your DSLR Camera


    Those wanting to upgrade to a DSLR might find there's a steep learning curve involved. Instead of relying on automatic controls, you're faced with a slew of new tools and concepts. And while you can get decent photos with a DSLR's automatic settings, it's nothing like learning to use the manual controls on a camera.

    The new $9.99 Master Your DSLR Camera from Open Air Publishing is an absolutely luscious interactive book with video tutorials, an in-depth look at how your camera works, how to fix common image problems and answers to just about any question you have about using a DSLR.

    The app, built using Inkling, is geared toward beginners, but I can see professionals using this as well. It allows you to take notes and saves highlights and bookmarks. All of these are accessible from anywhere in the app. You can set up an account to share highlights and notes, useful if you're a teacher and want your students to have this book. I really enjoyed the detailed shooting guide for taking pictures of everything from pets to forests. It doesn't just teach you what the camera controls are for but how to use it in real-life situations.

    Even if a DSLR isn't in your immediate future, this book teaches you basic photography principles. Most point-and-shoot cameras have a few manual controls, and you can learn how to use to get the most out of the camera you already have. If you have an interest in photography and want to know more, Master Your DSLR Camera is the best purchase you can make.

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