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Don't fear Reaper: It's the TUAW Best of 2011 Mac music app


Although relatively few people voted in this category, we have a winner in the TUAW Best of 2011 voting for the best Mac music app!

At the top of the heap for Mac music apps with 46.2 percent of the votes was Reaper (free to download, US$225 for a commercial license, $60 for an individual license), a powerful digital audio workstation. Readers love Reaper's capabilities, which include being able to record audio and MIDI from multiple inputs at the same time, layering recorded tracks and takes, incredible editing tools, hundreds of audio and MIDI processing effects, and the ability to use thousands of third-party effects.

The runner-up, quite close in terms of total votes, was the popular GarageTunes ($4.99). This app is a replacement for iTunes that is fast, lightweight, and plays all MP3 and M4A/AAC music files on your Mac. It can also stream songs to the second-generation Apple TV and other macs.

Many thanks to the TUAW readers who nominated their favorite Mac game apps and then voted in the competition. Congratulations to the team at Cockos for winning this category in the TUAW Best of 2011.

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