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BioWare documents the beginning of your SWTOR saga


The launch day of Star Wars: The Old Republic is upon us, and while most any interested parties are fully immersed in BioWare's mega-MMO, there are always those who are still on the fence about the game or haven't heard about it yet. To give a proper nudge in the right direction, BioWare's released an eight-minute documentary titled Your Saga Begins to give a broad overview of SWTOR's strengths and direction.

The team spends the time making a case for not only why the game is special but how it should appeal to the Star Wars fan in all of us. Covering the bases of story, voiceovers, companions, exploration, graphical style, and more, the developers hit on all of the selling points of the game while giving first-time viewers a good reason to give this title a shot.

Even if you're a veteran of the Mandalorian War, there should be a tidbit or two in this documentary that's new to you, whether it be absorbing the behind-the-scenes voice recordings or seeing just how big and bushy some of the devs' beards have become. You can watch the full documentary after the jump -- and don't forget to check out our comprehensive guide to launch and beyond!

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