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Disney-branded AppClix camera for iPad turns you into the world's happiest shooter


If you thought using the iPad's camera -- or any other tablet, for that matter -- was an awkward way to do mobile photography... well, you were right. But, this mind-boggling AppClix ($60) is about to take things to a new level. The bizarre external shooter gives you access to all of its 7.1 megapixels via Apple's proprietary connector, and you also get an SD card slot, 4X zoom for distant shots and a 1.5-inch LCD display for "previews." As if the souped-up specs weren't enough, the portable camera comes in a variety of flavors, so if Mickey or Minnie Mouse aren't your characters of preference, you'll be glad to know that you can also choose between Phineas and Ferb, Princes and Tinkerbell. Oh, and did we mention the Disney Pix editing app? If you're silly enough to buy this thing, we're told it's a must-download.

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