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Renegade Ops DLC adds vehicles, continues campaign storyline


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Starting tomorrow, operatives in the field will receive two supply drops from HQ. Renegade Ops agents can opt to bolster their fleet through The Vehicle Pack, which adds two new heroes to your ranks: Crystal and Blazemo. Each has their own unique set of weapons and abilities. They can be yours for 240 MS Points ($2.99).

The other option is codenamed Coldstrike Campaign, and adds three new war zones to the Renegade Ops mission agenda. Accepting this mission will require you to produce 400 MS Points ($5) for the cause -- the enemy is entrenched in the icy tundra and is employing new enemy variants such as the Golem, a large factory that pumps out low-flying aerial units. It's much different from our original intel, which showed the enemy enlisting the aid of Jewish sorcerers.

Relax, sorcerers do not exist.

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